International Orders

If you're located outside of Australia and are interested in ordering our props please send us a message. 

What we can/cannot send depends on your country's customs regulations and it is the buyers responsibility to research what materials can be sent. Afterall, we'd hate for you to make an order and not receive your props.

Please note that the shipping cost is for shipping alone and does not include any potential duties or taxes that may be imposed by your government.  If you are concerned about duties fees, you should contact your government in advance to get information about their customs and duties regulations and charges.
WE WILL NOT LIE ON CUSTOMS FORMS – THIS IS A FEDERAL OFFENCE. All items will be marked at their *actual* cost – we will not list them as a “gift” or at a lesser cost than what you have paid. So please do not ask us to do this.

Please also note that it is up to each individual customer to know which items are illegal or restricted for shipment to their country.  If an item is returned to us either for non payment of duties or because the item is restricted, we are not liable for items that are destroyed or denied entry by the receiving country.  You will be refunded for the product price once it is returned to us, but we will not refund shipping charges.